Shipping made simple.

As pioneers in the logistics sector, we proudly introduce the inaugural landline transit network spanning the Middle East. Our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive end-to-end freight services, facilitated by cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates shipping, trucking, and custom clearance processes.
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What we do

Our company specializes in managing comprehensive land transportation routes that
bridge the Mediterranean and the Arab Gulf, effectively creating a
vital logistic connection between Asia and Europe.

Our Project

Optimizing Efficiency

Saving up to 80% of time via sea (5-6 days)

Seamless Logistics Solutions

Transporting from Asia to Jordan via Dubai, as well as export from Jordan to Asia.

With Customs Approvals

Aligned and coordinated with all border officials.

Competitive Cost

Pricing model designed to offer you a cost-effective solution.

Alternative Route

Alternative to the Suez Canal route and to circling Africa.

Delivery of your package!

We provide access to simple and quick container delivery, PureTrans allows the best service.

Landline Shipping

Sea Shipping

Airline Shipping


About Us

We are the first logistics landline transiting the Middle East, Providing end-to-end solutions by leveraging technology, EV ships and vehicles.

Our Mission

PureTrans' mission is to provide top-notch land logistics services, connecting between the Emirates and Haifa, Israel. We aim to ensure timely, secure, and cost-effective transport, promoting trade, and fostering economic growth while upholding the highest standards of safety and sustainability.